Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Dear Retiring Comrades, 
On behalf of AIBSNLPWA, Chennai TD Circle, we convey our best wishes to you all for a healthy, lengthy, wealthy and a peaceful RETIRED LIFE.
We welcome you all with folded hands to join our association which takes all cases of pensioners and settles them with success. 
AIBSNLPWA is the biggest association for pensioners. Hope you all would join AIBSNLPWA in en masse.
Our association has 13 branches in Chennai Telephone District and more than 4500 members.
To join Please contact..,
Com. S.Thangaraj  Circle secretary 94442 99596 
Com. M.Kannappan Circle Tr. 9444 64 84 94.
Awaiting to welcome you all in the ensuing meetings.
With Fraternal Greetings,
Circle Secretary,
Chennai TD Circle.

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