Saturday, 11 July 2020

Hats off to our CCA TN team of officers.
For a normal Superannuation, the Service Book of the individuals with due attestation in respect of entries of Appointment, Promotion, Pay fixation at every stage, punishment - its impact, every year Service verification, all Pension forms, Bank details, Joint photos attested etc are being sent to our Pension section & then to CCA office for their approval before 3 months (minimum)the date of Superannuation. The terminal benefits for such Superannuation Pensioners are settled within in 3 to 4 days of their retirement. However Pensioners Pay order (PPO) being issued through the respective Banks with in a period of 3 months (maximum) from the actual date of Superannuation. 
CCA TN equip only staff to that extent only. 
 After introduction of BSNL 2019 VRS scheme, from Chennai Telephones 2671 employees converted into Pensioners on a single stroke on 31.01.2020. With hardly no time to process 2671 VRS (in addition to normal Pension cases), our TN CCA worked in full swing (24x7),  Checked and attested entries in SB, sought explanation for omission/commission if any in the SB entries by visiting all our Chennai Telephones pay drawing offices situated at Flower Bazaar, Dams Road, Kodambakkam, Guindy etc in best interest of VRS Pensioners. Not only that the moment Govt decided to draw Provisional Pension for February to June 2020 period, they switched into action & credited  the Provisional Pension to respective VRS Pensioners in a record time, not heard of in the past history of Pension.

 With 100% Lock down & paralysis of Public transportation, from March, April, May, June & July 2020 that too during the Peak Period of  Corona spreads, they didn't bother about their livelihood & dedicated their entire concentration towards creating of SAMPANN to all those VRS 2019 Pensioners. In my dictionary their Service is a sacrifice for the betterment of, we the Pensioners. They set target for themselves as 10th July 2020 for completing creation of SAMPANN to all such Pensioners.

 Yes they achieved. No words to appreciate, applaud, respect their dedicated unblemished service. Very good coordination with our AO Pension Shri. Vijayan.

The Pillars who guided for 100% implementation & execution are Sri. Dr. R.Niranjanna, Pr.CCA, Shri. Chittaranjan Pradhan, CCA, Sri. C. Sankarapondi, Jt. CCA, Shri. K. Chandramouli, AO & all other officers AAO, JAO, PRM, office staff etc. They completed creating SAMPANN for 2659 Pensioners of Chennai Telephones(12 cases pending for want of Data) in a record time. In addition to it they executed similar work in respect of about 7000 + or - cases of Tamilnadu Circle .

We wholeheartedly congratulate all from our bottom of our heart. In fact, we have no suitable words found in the Dictionary to congratulate them. Sirs, you are really champions in your field.

No one try to compare or equals you Sir. You & your team are exemplary.

 Kindly accept our humble Greetings.
With respect and Regards,
AI BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association
Chennai Telephone TD Circle.

Courtesy: Krishnamurthy. S
Pensioner/ ACS ,  AI BSNL Pensioners welfare association
Chennai Telephones
94440 19992.
Chennai TD Circle Association appreciates Com. S.Krishnamurthy ACS, who is instrumental in preparing this beautiful message. Thanks.


  1. DearSir,The Himalayan task achieved by our CCA'S office Executives & beloved staffeta is uncomfortable to
    manner- Thanksa lot.-S.Kalidasan. Kalidasan.

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  3. Correction pl: Add "any" with "manner"
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  4. DearSir,The Himalayan task achieved by our CCA'S office Executives & beloved staffeta is uncomfortable to
    manner- Thanksa lot.-S.Kalidasan. Kalidasan.