Thursday, 27 February 2020

                        UDC COURT CASE
Listed today 27.02.2020 as item number 60. Before the commencement of the Proceedings of the Tribunal the case stands adjourned to 15.06.2020. After hearing all the cases of today, our council mentioned our case and sought permission to file Rejoinder to common Addl counter filed by Respondents 2 to 4. The court allowed our prayer and as directed by the Court filed rejoinder. The case as of now stands adjourned to 15.06.2020. 
S. Krishnamurthy, S. Bakthavatsalu & S.T. Nagoor Meeran witnessed today's court proceedings. In the meantime, lot more things to be discussed within us and to be clarified for which our Co-ordinator may post meeting schedule & request all to be present with out seeking excuses or permission to defer the meeting on any grounds. Each one of us do have family commitment & absent for the proposed meeting be avoided. 
As some important matter on our case after filing of Addl counter by BSNL is to be discussed, debated & a conclusion to be arrived. So, please don't skip the meeting whatever be the reason. Communication for the meeting shall be sent by the coordinator.
With respect and Regards
Krishnamurthy S

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