Thursday, 9 January 2020

On 07-01-2020, Comrades P.S.Ramankutty, D.Gopalakrishnan, K Muthiyalu, G Babu, G Natarajan, R Changappa, V Rathna and Radhakrishna  met Lawyer in Bangalore and discussed elaborately for nearly 90 minutes about various aspects of filing a case for pension revision in Bangalore CAT.
Lawyer opined that there is a strong merit in our demand.
All participants were unanimous in their opinion that the lawyer is able to understand our case and give proper guidance.

On 08/01/2020, the following CWC members were present in the Secretariat meeting:
PSR, DG, Babu, Natarajan, Gangadhara Rao, Muthiyalu, Varaprasad, Vittoban, Ramarao, Rethna, Radhakrishna, R Venkatachalam, R Changappa and S Thangaraj.
 Com A.Sukumaran  could not attend due to health reasons.

Discussion with the lawyer on 7th and present situation on pension revision were reviewed.  All the 14 CWC members expressed their opinion on future course of action.
All except two were unanimous to seek legal remedy for pension revision immediately in Bangalore CAT.
 Kanyakumari CWC in February 2019 had decided to seek legal remedy as a last resort. That stage has come now,  was the opinion of  them.
 So, it was decided accordingly, subject to ratification by CWC.
 P Gangadhara Rao, GS

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