Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Listed before CAT Madras Bench as item number 45 today 19.11.19. The Hon'ble Tribunal adjourned the case to 27/02/2020., immediately after commencement of the Court sitting without the knowledge of the Applicants. It is realiably learnt from Circle Secretary, TN Circle of AIBSNLPWA that they proposed to initiate action to file a M.A. (Miscellaneous Application)  or an urgent petition to pre-pone the hearing after serving the same to the responders. As of now case stands adjourned to 27/02/2020. The CAT proceedings are witnessed by Com.V. Rathna, AGS and Com. V.N. Sampathkumar, Br. Secy, Anna Nagar. from Chennai Telephones.  
Let us Hope for the best.
Krishnamurthy S.
Chennai Circle

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