Saturday, 15 June 2019

As all of you know we had filed two cases before Ernakulam bench of Central Administrative Tribunal.
1.     To get Pension Arrears with 78.2 IDA from 01-01-2007 instead of 10-06-2013 as granted ( Arrears Case in Short )
2.     To get pension re-fixed @ 50% of Last Pay drawn for all BSNL pensioners retired prior to 01-01-2006. ( LPD Case in short.)
After many postponements again and again , The Arrears Case (338/18) is listed for 18-6-2019.  We hope it will be taken up for hearing.
The LPD case (346/18) was also postponed again and again and finally listed for 7-6-2019. One day before that date it was re-posted for 12-6-2019 by notification. Again on 11-6-2019 it is once again posted to 21-6-2019 by notification.
Earlier there was only one judge. Now both judges are available. We hope that the Tribunal will take up the cases for hearing. 

ANOMALY CASE: On 16-12-2016, CAT Principal Bench pronounced its judgement in our favour in the anomaly case.  Unfortunately, instead of respecting the court order, DoT preferred to file appeal in High Court. The high court of Delhi gave a very long gap to consider the case. Now, it is posted to 18, July 2019. More than 4200 BSNL employees retired from October 2000 to July 2001 have suffered huge loss in their pension due to the anomaly. Half of them have already left this earth. Remaining people are 79 years old. They are waiting for the justice. 
--News From CHQ website

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