Thursday, 20 December 2018

Dear Comrades,
Our Chennai Telephone Circle web site is becoming more and more popular now. Daily hit number is increasing. 
To see other different web sites of our AIBSNLPWA, links are given at just below the Title column.
Links are given to All Branch Secretaries of ChTD, Circle President, Secretary, Treasurer names and Contact Numbers, CHQ, CCA TN,  AP, Kovai, Madurai, Nellai, STR Division, TN Circle  and  Thanjavur web site address. All at your Finger Tip.
By clicking the spot you can view that web site with ease. 
Happy viewing and pleasant browsing.


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  2. We all sing your praises..And how many more, we cannot conceive or infer..
    CHT Web created vagaries things of various colours and emotions and dispositions..
    CHT Web creates all things and watching over them..It also gives them greatness..
    What a wonderful domain..KUDOS TO COMRADES..
    Sridharan E #AnnangrBr

  3. Bumped into this while browsing:
    No proposal to change retirement age, age of senior citizen : Govt at Lok Sabha

    Ref :
    Just sharing it,plz..Sridharan E

  4. Hats off to the leaders for their untiring and continuous efforts. Very glad that pensioners show more to know the day to day developments