Thursday, 27 December 2018

Dear Comrades,
The Comprehensive Pension Management System (CPMS) is being 
inaugurated formally on 29-12-2018. CCAs are organizing some
 function in every Circle in the afternoon of 29, December 2018.
 Our leaders are called upon to attend the function, understand 
the system properly to enable them help the pensioners in future.
When a new system is introduced, there will be some teething 
trouble. We should point out the difficulties.
There is lot of complaint that even now many Post Offices are not 
crediting the enhanced IDA promptly. When CPMS is in operative, 
the CCAs will be crediting the pension and DA etc directly to the
 account of the pensioners. So, there may not be any delay in
 getting IDA, provided the CCA office is efficient.
Pensioners will receive their pension from the Bank or the Post Office 
as the case is now.
…P S Ramankutty...
According to the notification issued by Pr. CCA Mumbai, the 
Comprehensive Pension Management System will be launched by Honourable Prime Minister of India on 29-12-2018.
In this connection two documents released by Dept. of Telecom 
are given below. 

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