Wednesday, 14 November 2018

On 13-11-2018 Tuesday,  Bimonthly meeting of  AIBSNLPWA  Tirunintravur Branch was  held in CSI Church complex.
The above meeting was chaired by Branch President Com.R. Veerasamy.
Branch secretary Com. A.K.Loganathan, Branch Treasurer Com. S. Srinivasan, Circle Vice President Com U.Palani, Circle Assistant Secretary  Com T. Jeevanandham, Circle Treasurer Com. M. Kannappan, Circle Organising Secy Com Gunasundari Ranganathan, CHQ  AGS  com V. Rathna and more than 60 members of Tirunintravur branch actively participated in this meeting.
Rich tributes and condolences were paid to the demise of Hon Minister Sri Ananthakumar,  our All India Office bearer com Moitra, Branch members Com P. Ethiraj & Com  M. Kasi.
The yeoman services of late Hon Minister Ananthakumar in achieving the merger of 78.2% IDA merger & annulment of 60:40  for BSNL Pensioners were  very much  appreciated by all speakers during today’s  meeting.
Branch Secretary Com A.K.Loganathan explained the members about the 3rd All India Conference held at Puri on 22 & 23rd Sep 2018. At  present life member strength of this branch is 216 & requested all members to reach the target of 250 life members by the end of this year by adopting "each one catch two" method.
Newly joined life member Com T. Sivadasan was welcomed and  honoured by our Circle Treasurer com . Kannappan.
Circle Vice President com. Jeevandham explained in detail the present crunch financial status of BSNL and so  not able to pay medical bills of pensioners even not able to meet day today expenses, step motherly attitude central government towards BSNL, etc in a nice and elaborated manner. 
Circle Vice President Com Palani appreciated the Tirunintravur branch for the efforts taken to increae the life membership. 
Circle Treasurer Com Kannappan  stressed the need to show  our strength on 22nd November 2018 to participate in the fasting event being organised by AIBSNLPWA all over India.
All India Assistant  General Secretary  Com V. Rathna also emphasised to participate in large number  in fasting programme to achieve our pension revision  as per 7th CPC recommendation.  She explained the steps being taken at CHQ level to achieve our demands.
Branch Treasurer & Circle V.P Com Srinivasan  delivered  vote of thanks to all members participated in today’s  meeting.
Photos  clicked during  meeting is now furnished for you viewership.
Long Live AIBSNLPWA!!!
With fraternal greetings
Branch Secretary.

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