Monday, 19 November 2018

Dear Comrades,
When we sit on hunger strike on 22-11-2018 we should shout slogans raising our demands.  I am giving below some topics for such slogans.  You may please translate them into your language.  You can add more slogans also.  But, we should not abuse anybody.  We should not crititize anybody .  Purpose is to popularize our demands and issues. Please do needful. ….. PSR

1.     We demand Pension Revision,

2.     We are BSNL/MTNL retirees, because we retired from BSNL/MTNL
But we are govt. pensioners, Because we are getting pension from Govt.
(Like “sacch he hum BSNL/MTNL pensioners; kyomki hum BSNL/MTNL se sewa nirvruth he. Lekin hum sarkaaree pensioners he; kyomki hum ko miltha he pension sarkaar se”)

3.     Revise our pension,
Delink from pay revision
Delink from BSNl/MTNL financial position
Delink from PRC report
Delink from PRC formula
Revise our pension with CPC fitment formula.

4.     We placed different demands earlier,
Now we are together
We are united now
We place only one demand
We want pension revision with CPC formula.

5.     We are retired; not tired.  We are fit for another fight.

6.     We demand justice.

7.     We demand pension revision in IDA pattern itself.

8.     We are united; we are moving together.

9.     We developed Indian telecom industry; we made it profit earning; Do not ignore us.


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