Sunday, 7 October 2018

CHQ Secretariat meeting was  held  today (7.10.18)  in  Anna Road IQ at 10 -00 AM. Many of CHQ office bearers  attended the meeting and discussed deeply about our Pension revision & MRS for further action to be taken .

Comrades. P.S. Ramankutty, CHQ President,  P.GANGADHARA RAO, General Secretary, T.S. Vittoban, Treasurer,  D.Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, G.Natarajan, Vice President,  K.Muthiyalu, Dy.Gen Secy, V.Varaprasad Rao,Dy.Gen Secy,  V. RamaRao, Asst.Treasurer, V. Rathna, Asst Gen Secy,  R. Venkatachalam TN Circle Secy,  S.Thangaraj, ChTD Circle Secy,  Sundar,, AIFPA Treasurer Gowrisankar, S.Kalidas,TN Circle Treasurer,  Sampath kumar, TN Asst Circle Secy, Sampathkumar Annanagar Secy, CHtd ,  M.Munuswamy President ChTD Circle, M.Kannappan ChTD Circle treasurer took part in the meeting.
During the  meeting all CHQ Office bearers were felicitated and honoured with Towels  by AIBSNLPWA Chennai Telephones.

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