Sunday, 28 May 2023


Breaking News
Since the file is held up with Telecom Secretary for more than a month , we continuously tried to meet MoC through our own source .

Com N K Gandigwad of Hubli helped as before to meet Parlimentary Affairs Minister Shri Pralhad Joshiji .

We got a sudden message from PA to Shri Pralhad Joshiji to come to Delhi immediately . I was not in a position to go as also our President Com DG.

Then I requested our VP Com Gangadhara Rao . Though he was busy with some domestic affair, he agreed to go to Delhi at short notice.

As directed by Joshiji, Com Gangadhara Rao met Hon MoC Shri Aswini Vaishnawji today (27/5/2023) and projected our demand . MoC heard patiently and appreciated our concern and finally assured that he would discuss the matter with Telecom Secretary very shortly and resolve . Our Org.Secy. Com J S Dahiya was with Gangadhara Rao during the meeting Dy.GS Com Anupam Kaul was out of Delhi and hence couldn't accompany . Com Gangadhara Rao rushing back to Bengaluru after finishing the task .

Inspite of Niti Ayog meeting today and new parliament opening tomorrow , we could meet both the ministers which is normally impossible .

Let us wait for the outcome and hope for the best . We express our sincere thanks to Shri Pralhad Joshiji , Gandigwad , GangadharaRao & Dahiya
V Vara Prasad, GS

Monday, 22 May 2023

Status of Pension Revision case filed by AIBSNLPWA 

 The following message is given by our lawyer:- 


As you are aware, the matter was listed as part-heard before a bench comprising of Mr.Tarun Shridhar (Administrative Member) and Ms.Pratima Gupta (Judicial Member).

When the matter was called out, we appeared on your behalf led by Mr.Sanjoy Ghose, Ld. Sr. Counsel who pointed out that the submissions made on behalf of the Applicants have been recorded in the last order and the Respondents had sought time to take instructions.

The counsel appearing for the Respondent DoT however sought further time on the ground that he had been recently engaged.

We opposed the request made by the Counsel for DoT on the ground that the matter was  part-heard on 29th March and that DoT should have sought instructions by now.

The bench told the counsel for DoT that the issues already stand crystallized vide order passed on 29th March and that the Respondents need to respond to the same.

The bench further granted the Counsel for Respondent DoT 3 days time to seek instructions and adjourned the matter to 25.05.2023 i.e. Thursday.


V Vara Prasad / GS 

Friday, 19 May 2023


Our Pension Revision case scheduled for today in PB CAT  New Delhi could not be taken up as Bench  did not sit. 

The  same is listed for  Monday ie. on 22-5-2023 at sl no  28. 

V Vara Prasad / GS


Tuesday, 16 May 2023


Our Dy.GS Com Anupam Kaul reports that he met Dir Estb DOT today  to know the progress in pension Revision case.

Director (Estt) informed that 

1) The file is still with the secy DOT.

2) The discussions between Secy DOT and the Minister have not been held till date due to preoccupation of the Minister .

3) Minister can call the secy DOT any time. 

4) The fitment formula can be known only after they meet. 

5) Estt section is preparing a draft Cabniet note as the file is expected to be cleared by DOE without any delay as DOE has also been kept in loop. 

6) In case nothing is heard from the office of MOC by the end of this month, the office of secy Telecom will remind the ministers office.

Let us keep patience.

V Vara Prasad .



Monday, 15 May 2023

  Breaking News Since the file is held up with Telecom Secretary for more than a month , we continuously tried to meet MoC through our ow...